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Lifestyle medicine takes a holistic approach to assessing the lifestyle changes required for leading a more healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Yet that would all be just talk if the resources to help make those changes are not available or accessible.


Social supports ensure that people can make lifestyle changes with confidence and expert guidance when they need it most. There have been a number of studies which show that social support, either professional, community or family, can lessen the impact of stress and major events on people's health.


Our aim at CALM is to help people find the support they need in their local area, and to help families and friends offer better support through knowledge and education.



The importance of the social environment for physically active lifestyle — results from an international study
T Ståhla, A Rüttenb, D Nutbeamc, A Baumand, L Kannasa, T Abele, G Lüschenf, Diaz J.A Rodriquezg, J Vinckh, J van der Zeei


Social Science & Medicine
Volume 52, Issue 1, January 2001, Pages 1–10


Physically active lifestyles are regularly associated with improved health and quality of life. Differences in lifestyles in society can partly be understood through the differences in the social and physical environment. This study examines the relationships between reported physical activity, and the extent of perceived support for physical activity in the physical and policy environment (e.g. facilities, programs and other opportunities), and in the social environment.


Holt-Lunstad, Julianne, and B. Uchino. "Social Support and Health."
Health Behavior: Theory, Research, and Practice (2015): 183.


There is now robust evidence linking social support to both morbidity and mortality from certain diseases and conditions. An understanding of the nature and types of support and of the pathways by which associations with health occur is important for guiding effective interventions.


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Workplace Wellness is becoming an industry in and of itself.  The best run and most successful companies, big and small, know that taking care of their employees is just good sense.  But it is more than just offering a comprehensive benefits package, the most successful workplace wellness programs begin with a culture of social support, health and well-being at all levels.   Check out these helpful articles to gain insight and ideas about workplace wellness and developing a culture of wellness within an organization.


Disclaimer: No guarantee or warranty, either expressed or implied, is made regarding the information and materials listed. CALM has made every effort to list only reliable, evidence-based, scientific information, papers, etc. Please carefully review all information to determine its suitability for your specific needs.

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