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“Welcome to the Canadian Academy of Lifestyle Medicine. We are a dedicated group of professionals with a common goal; to improve the health and wellbeing of Canadians.

With health care issues and costs spiraling out of control due to preventable chronic disease, the time to act is now. To address the impact of lifestyle choices such as nutrition, exercise, stress, and smoking on health care, a national concerted effort is required. This will take education of providers, the population, and all levels of government to achieve.


With our global lifestyle medicine partners, we hope to introduce and sustain these efforts across the educational pathways of all providers. It is an interesting time in medicine and the time is now to focus on preventing and reversing chronic illness and disease, by dealing with the root causes; lifestyle choices.


As we build this national movement, we hope to bring together the best practices, research and education in the fields of medicine, behavioural science and psychology to educate and support people to lead healthy, active and illness-free lives.


This website is early in development, with the goal of being a resource for the providers and patients alike. Please stay engaged and watch for ways to join the CALM movement and get involved in exciting developments, including the first Canadian Lifestyle Medicine Conference in 2016.”

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