The Canadian Academy of Lifestyle Medicine

CALM Vision, Mission Statement and Guiding Principles

Our Vision and Mission


Helping all Canadians live a healthy and active lifestyle.



CALM promotes personalized and integrative health care approaches empowering Canadians to make healthy lifestyle choices.


Our Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of CALM are shared by all our members and our global Lifestyle Medicine partners.


Lifestyle is a vital sign

All Canadians should have the opportunity to live healthy, happy lives. They should understand how best to take care of themselves through nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, social supports, sleep and environmental factors.


Focus on wellbeing

Healthy lifestyle habits produce an overall sense of physical, emotional and spiritual health.


Good health is a matter of choice, not chance

Realistic factors like illness, environmental and socio-economic factors are respected.


Health is a process

The pursuit of health and wellness is a lifelong, complex process that can take many forms.


Evidence is essential

Translational research is drawn from multiple disciplines to promote a variety of health and wellness perspectives.


Partnership is key

Integrative and collaborative health care partnerships are fundamental to overall health and wellness.


CALM: our core beliefs

We believe in:



Each Canadian has a shared responsibility with their health care providers to approach wellness in a co-operative fashion. Each health care provider has the responsibility to provide evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine options for treatment.



Each Canadian must have the opportunity to know how healthy lifestyle choices will affect and benefit them. Process Each Canadian must realize that a healthier lifestyle is a process, and that consistently making appropriate decisions will develop good habits.



Each Canadian should focus on how positive actions will contribute to improved health, well-being and lifestyle. Outcomes can be enhanced and accelerated if coached by well-trained medical professionals. Personalized Each Canadian must become aware of how designing their own personalized approach will lead to achieving their wellness goals.



Each Canadian should choose wisely in what they think, say and do. Each is personally responsible to use all resources available to them to convert their knowledge and skills into action.


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